• 7 Reasons To Keep Your Child Active During The School Holidays

    7 Reasons To Keep Your Child Active During The School Holidays

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    As a parent, your child’s development is everything to you. You understand the need for them to constantly learn during the school term. You understand the importance of providing a sound education and it’s because you do that you’re constantly looking for new ways for your child to learn and grow. So what happens when it’s no longer school term and the school holiday period kicks in?


    In our experience, children who are kept constructively busy during the school holidays outperform their peers during school times both academically and on the sports field. This may seem like a bold statement but think about it…when a child’s mind is engaged during school holidays, getting back into school work is no longer a hurdle needed to be overcome but rather a challenge accepted with ease. 


    So how do we get our children to be engaged during the school holidays?


    1. Encourage your child to spend less time playing video games. Did you know that a large percentage of parents resort to the latest trends in technology to keep their children active and preoccupied during the holidays? The reality is by taking the ‘easy way out’  we’re feeding an addiction. We have to agree, having your children preoccupied during the holidays is far more effective than letting them run riot in the house. Obviously, grannies antique collection of china ornaments is seriously at risk if the kids are left unchecked. We stumbled upon this helpful article “Children Addicted to Computer Games – Top Ten Tips for Parents” giving you, the parents a step by step guide on how you can prevent your child getting addicted to computer games. Have a peek.


    2. Introduce a diet of healthy fresh fruit and vegetables. One thing we see all too often is unhealthy, overweight kids. There is no truer saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Feeding your child healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, and vegetables is way more beneficial than highly processed foods rich in sugar and preservatives which do nothing for them other than satisfy a craving and create short terms satisfaction. There are a bunch of studies done on this topic, so our advice is to do a little research on healthy eating and find a study that works best for your child. In the meantime have a look at these, you might find them insightful. A healthy diet boosts creativity and stimulates brain function. Have a read through this article which will give you some incredible nutritional insight into your child’s diet and eating habits.


    3. Look out for opportunities to send your child on a school holiday camp. You have heard of American Summer Camps. Here are  50 of the most amazing American Summer Camps. 50!! Why and how is it that summer camp has become an integral part of nearly every American child’s reality? Why is it that Holiday Camps have not formed part of our South African culture? We live in one of the most, if not the most beautiful countries in the world. (Yes we’re proudly South African and yes we’re from Cape Town) Our advice… find out some of the benefits of sending your child on camp, but not just any camp…a camp with the right credentials, experience and track record. Feel free to visit this page seasonal camps for a solution to your next school holiday. Spending time in the outdoors is vital to boosting performance and  creative problem-solving test by 50%” -says  Business Insider


    4. The simplest way to get into nature is by going on a hike.Ever thought of introducing your children to nature hikes? It has been shown that by spending more time in the outdoors is not only a far healthier option than playing video games, but it improves short term memory, it betters your vision especially in children, it acts as an enormous stress reliever, aids in physical fitness and blood flow, it improves your ability to concentrate and enhances the stimulation of Dopamine production. Dopamine for interest sake is the chemical released in your brain which plays a crucial part in the creative process and allows the brain to wonder and think up new ideas. – HUFFPOST


    5. Keep them learning. Your child should not stop learning just because school has taken a break. Did you know that the wealthiest 1% of the world’s population which include the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson never stop reading nor do they learning?  Knowledge is power!  Begin to think of fun, inventive ways to keep your child mentally stimulated during their holiday breaks. Positive reinforcement goes a long way! Children thrive off of encouragement, especially when it comes from their heroes, their parents. Remember when you were a kid and your parents encouraged you to achieve…remember how great you felt? Express appreciation and voice it regularly. Lead by example – If you’re going to challenge your child to read or learn more, why not create a competition within the family much like Discovery did with their healthy reward system. Everyone on your team is encouraged to exercise daily or risk letting their team down. The reward… free smoothies, movie vouchers or coffees at Vida. INGENIOUS! We’re going to let you in on a little trade secret we have come learn over the many years of working with children. Children LOVE competition! 


    We hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful for the upcoming June/July school holidays. As mentioned above in Tip 3, we have our annual July Camp coming up booked from the 10th-13th July. Feel free to email us HERE and apply to have your child enter into a camp of a lifetime. 


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