• A day in the life of a Boot Camp S.A Sergeant

    Being apart of the Boot Camp S.A team is a life changing experience. We are required to operate on all four cylinders all of the time. There is no room for error, no room for laziness and certainly no room to not give your 100% ALL of the time. Apart from our vigorous training and fitness schedule’s we need to be sharp and always ahead of the pack. We are leaders, we are innovators and above all we are Sergeants of one of the top outdoor events companies South Africa has to offer.

    To be a Boot Camp sergeant is a way of life. It’s a whole new approach to what you think you may know and how you think you may operate. Our bodies are trained to cope under the most extreme weather conditions this country has to offer. We train come rain, snow, hail and thundershowers. We are always prepared, we are always ready and we are always eager.

    Being a sergeant is not easy. We’re always the first ones up and the last in bed at our over night abandonment missions. You have to stay sharp…you have to stay alert and you have to rely on your fellow team mates to know that working together achieves possibilities some would never think possible. Our team is a well knit unit! We are all close friends and so we all work really well together. There are no ego’s among us, only the end result in mind.

    Our number one goal from the minute we step onto the battle field is to ensure that each and every person has the experience of a lifetime. The enjoyment and pure euphoria we see on our clients faces as they over come everything we throw at them, makes being a sergeant one of the most rewarding jobs of all time. We help our clients scale 6 meter cargo nets, we teach them how to survive out in the wilderness and above all we teach them the true meaning of team work.

    Our training programs require each of us to operate on a certain fitness and mental level. We are always learning, we are always bettering ourselves and we are always striving for excellence.

    Being a sergeant is a means to accomplishing unimaginable heights you never thought possible.

    To us Boot Camp S.A is a way of life and without it…well we haven’t let that thought cross our mind.

  • Posted by Joy Millar on March 31, 2013 at 7:19 pm



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