• Kids Party Unfolded Part 4

    Kids Party Unfolded Part 4

    Attention!! The Kids Party adventure continues! Upon arrival at the shooting range the recruits gather around the weapons table. Laid before them is an assortment of separate parts of a paint ball marker. Under the clear instructions of the lead sergeant, the recruits are taught how to assemble the pieces of the gun as if

  • Kids Party Unfolded Part 3

    Kids Party Unfolded Part 3

    What’s that sound? That’s the sound of your beating heart as the adrenalin rushes through your body! You and your squad have been tasked with your next activity…Tug Of War! This activity proves to your team mates that your team is the strongest squad at Bootcamp. It’s your chance to show your parents that you’ve

  • Kids Party Unfolded Part 2

    Kids Party Unfolded Part 2

    Kids Parties Unfolded Part 2: As the air becomes still and the sound of the sergeant’s bellowing voices becomes but a distant cry in forest, we stand before you as your commanding officers, anticipating a thrilling journey into the day of your Bootcamp Kids Party. The allocation of platoons, team names and war cries is

  • Kids Parties Unfolded

    Kids Parties Unfolded Part 1: You have been dropped off behind enemy lines and it’s your target to allocate platoons using war stripes, team names and war cries. Once your platoon has accomplished this, your birthday mission begins. You’re now ready for Boot Camp basic training! Recruits will be briefed on the rules of engagement

  • Kids Parties

    Let Boot Camp Cape Town be the solution to your child’s Birthday Party. Our army themed birthday parties offer a glimpse in to a world of adventure and wonder where boys become soldiers and girls step into the boots of G.I Jane. Give your kids the opportunity to live out their wildest dreams, of being

  • School Holiday Camps

              Can you believe 2014 is nearing it’s end and the festive season is nearly in full swing. With the December school holidays just around the corner we at Boot Camp SA approach our favorite and most exciting event of the year… our very own American style December Sschool Holiday Camp!

  • June School Holiday Kids Camp is Almost Here!!

    As we approach a brand new season, so we approach another annual June- July  Winter Camp at Buffalo Drift. As parents, we all know school holidays can be a difficult time to constantly keep the kids entertained and worry about what they’re getting up to at home while you’re at work. Why not take time

  • Team Building 101

    Join us TODAY!  Before we get into this article which will leave you, the reader with a clearer understanding of our team building interventions, we would just like to welcome our new readers to Boot Camp Cape Town.   So often we get asked “What set’s you’re team building missions apart from everyone else’s” “Whatsup

  • The Cape 2 Rio: Boot Camp employee tells us what happened to Peekay!

    We here at the Boot Camp HQ are proud, relieved and extremely happy to have one our long term and highly valued employee’s Richard McIver back home safely as him and his team on board The Peekay attempted the Cape 2 Rio Yacht Race this last weekend. McIver was kind enough to fill us in on the events that

  • September School Holiday Kids Camps!!!!

    As we approach a brand new season, so we approach another annual Spring Camp at Buffalo Drift. Our camps have over the years grown in popularity, entertainment and adventure for campers and counselors alike. We’ve dedicated ourselves to provide our campers with a once in a life time camping experience. Every activity, every meal, every