• The Cape 2 Rio: Boot Camp employee tells us what happened to Peekay!


    We here at the Boot Camp HQ are proud, relieved and extremely happy to have one our long term and highly valued employee’s Richard McIver back home safely as him and his team on board The Peekay attempted the Cape 2 Rio Yacht Race this last weekend. McIver was kind enough to fill us in on the events that led up to the storm and explained in detail how the crew managed to pull themselves out of it without sustaining injury.

    Peekay ran into constant battles on Saturday night and were tasked with overcoming 8-10 meter swells, winds up to 60 knots and pouring rain! The crew and captain on board Peekay made the tough decision to turn the engines on, to slow the boat down in order to survive the upcoming waves. Peekay took on some damage and unfortunately blew their Foresail, lost 2 of their sea anchors and fried their alternator from a large intake of water. The crew managed to get out of the storm and eventually docked at Saldanha Bay.

    To Rich and the rest of the crew on board Peekay at the time, we’re glad to have you all home safe sound!

    For never before seen footage taken from stills Peekay captured from GoPro video’s made en route please visit https://www.facebook.com/bootcampsa


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