• Can girls take part?

    Absolutely! Our female recruits are normally way more adventurous and actually outshine the boys generally. They will thoroughly enjoy the day of events.
  • What is the duration of the party?

    Each Boot Camp SA™ party is 2.5 hours long, with approximately 2hrs allocated to the Boot camp program and 30mins at the end is allocated for the cutting of the cake and the celebration. Please be mindful that there may be a time slot booked after you and we may request that your group move after the allotted time is complete.
  • What time slots are available?

    Time slots on the weekends are 10:00 and 13:30. Weekday parties are subject to availability so please inquire with our friendly operator and we'll do the utmost to accommodate you.
  • What happens if it rains?

    We have a Navy Seals Party! Major Moms and Major Dads take cover. A shelter is provided and the recruits train in the rain!
  • Why do they need a towel?

    After most parties the kids are dirty. The towel can be used to sit on during the trip home. An extra top might also come in handy, if it’s wet.
  • What should the recruits wear?

    There is 100% chance of the recruits getting dirty so the oldest camo looking clothes in the cupboard will suffice. Shoes should be an old pair of takkies, no heels, slops. Bring an extra change of clothes recruits ;)
  • Are there activities for moms and dads to do during the party?

    Each of our kids’ party venues has restaurants on site. Sit back and relax , enjoy a hot cup of coffee or a refreshing cold drink whilst we keep the recruits well entertained.
  • Will there be adequate seating for the parents on the day?

    We will ensure adequate seating is provided. We operate form a number of different venues, as a result the arrangement differs accordingly. We will ensure that there is always a place for the parents to relax and a suitable area designated for the party set up.
  • What is the procedure if the number of the recruits changes on the day recruits?

    No stress at all! This happens more often than you think. The party will still continue, however the cost cannot be reduced according to the number of recruits on the day. Provisions have been made and instructors booked according to the number of recruits, prior to the party. Extra recruits are welcome but will be charged at R100 per recruit. Should recruits arrive on the day we will not be able to provide rat packs should it be necessary. It is important for us to finalise the number of kids as close as possible to the day to ensure we have adequately catered for all your needs.
  • When do we get to meet the Sergeants?

    Your party facilitators ‘sergeants’ will be at the venue 45 to latest 30 minutes before your time slot begins for set up. You will be able to identify the sergeants by their dashing good looks and camo attire. Please feel free to ask them to help you with anything you may need.
  • Why do we need to sign indemnity forms? Is my child going to be in any danger?

    Indemnity forms are purely standard company protocol. We take safety very seriously and will take every means necessary to provide a safe party experience. We have not had an incident to date, however due to the outdoor nature of our parties there is an element of risk.
  • How soon before the event do we need to arrive?

    In order to be fully prepared for the party we please request that you arrive at least 15mins before the start of your event to ensure a timely start. We run on a tight 2.5 hr. schedule often with bookings after your event and we would hate for you to be deprived of the full Boot Camp experience.