• Holiday Camp

    Holiday Camp

    As we approach a brand new season, so we approach another annual June- July  Holiday Camp at Buffalo Drift. As parents, we all know school holidays can be a difficult time to constantly keep the kids entertained and worry about what they’re getting up to at home while you’re at work. Why not take time off and re energize yourself  and let us take the kids away for an action packed adventure school holiday camp like non other! Our highly trained and experienced camp facilitators have dedicated themselves to ensure this years camp is even bigger and more energetic than the last! We constantly strive to deliver life changing experiences for kids of ALL ages and with our facilitator to child ratio we can safely say that we can be apart of the growth of your child these holidays!

    Our activities have been meticulously thought out and designed to adhere to the following criteria we believe each and every camp needs to have in order for it to be a successful one.Our number one concern is SAFETY! Safety and the well-being of your children is our primary concern and at every stage of the program we have taken this in to account. We ensure our staff members have been  sufficiently trained in First Aid and have received First Aid Certifications. There is a well stocked First Aid Emergency Kit at the campsite at all times.  In addition to safety we focus on skills and values such as Team Work, Communication, Trust, Leadership, Interaction and above all MOTIVATION. 

    What activities will my child take part in whilst on camp? This is the best part…are you ready? All campers will be taking part in the following exciting activities! Full scale Obstacle Course, Loteria Mind Course, Fishing Competitions, Indoor games (to include Singstar on Playstation), Team Building Lawn Games, Water Balloon Volley Ball, Paintball and Archery Target Shooting, Raft Building, Canoe River Trips, Ultimate Survivor Master Chef, Nature Hikes, Stalk The Lantern (Played at night), Snake and Reptile Show, Mind and Mental Tasks, GPS Orienteering and Much Much more. *for more info and and insight into our program on camp, please feel free to visit this link —-> Camp Photos 

    The activities sound great Boot Camp but will my little one be well fed? Why thank you for asking! 🙂 All of our campers will be treated to delicious home cooked meals each made with every campers dietary requirement in mind. We ensure that we have enough fresh fruit readily available for our campers to snack on during the course of the day as well as a plentiful supply of vegetables to ensure a healthy well balanced diet. Of course NO camp is complete without a night time Bon Fire and *S‘more making contest, camp songs and night time plays. Teams will have the chance to dress up and unlock their creative energy to compete against one another for the best play on camp!

    How do we make contact and check in with our little one whilst on camp Boot Camp? We have a strict cellphone policy on camp in which each and every camper is encouraged to phone home every night between 7-8pm and share their day’s experience with their family and loved ones. All counselors will have their phone’s with them readily available and all numbers will be sent out to parents 7 working days prior to us leaving for camp.

    Tell us about your venue? Buffalo Drift is our Holiday and School Camp destination and is our home away from home. With more and more Cape Town Schools booking Buffalo Drift as their Grade Camp destination we thought it would be apt to develop our program to allow children to enjoy their school holidays in an environment where nature meets technology in a safe, yet rewarding atmosphere. Our lodge is situated a mere 1H30min drive from Cape Town’s CBD and the best part is, we even take care of the transport itself. 🙂

    Ok we’re sold…now please tell us how we go about booking our child in? That’s the easiest part! Simply e mail capetown@bootcamp-sa.co.za with a camp inquiry and we’ll send you ALL finer camp details to include pricing, times of pick up and drop off with our shuttle service, camp itinerary, a what to bring on camp form, past parent feedback and of course the enrollment form. All we’d need back from you is a completed enrollment form scanned and sent back to us in order to book your child in with us.

    Our upcoming Holiday Camp is just around the corner and we cannot wait for yet another sold out camp! Be sure to e mail us today to avoid disappointment or contact us directly on 082 455 6723 to chat to us for further info. Book NOW!

  • Posted by Brent Van Der Berg on June 6, 2016 at 10:48 am

    Do you have a holiday camp between the 1st and 10th of July. What is the price of the camps

    • Posted by Boot Camp S.A on May 30, 2017 at 10:29 am
      in reply to Brent Van Der Berg

      Hi Brent,

      I just wanted to let you know that our next holiday camp is scheduled from the 10th-13th July 2017. This year’s camp will be held at our signature venue, Buffalo Drift based on the banks of the Berg River. All information and enrollment forms will be sent through to you later this morning.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards
      Boot Camp Cape Town


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