Kids Parties Cape Town

Welcome To Boot Camp Kids Parties

You’re invited to enter the world of Boot Camp kids parties, where your children will embark on our army themed birthday parties offering a glimpse into a world of adventure and wonder where boys become soldiers and girls step into the boots of G.I. Jane. Give your children the opportunity to live out their wildest dreams of being an army recruit for the day and experience a Boot Camp kids party in a safe, fun and exhilarating environment. Our party program is designed with adventure and fun in mind. It is perfectly suited for both boys and girls aged 6-13 years of age.

Your Mission

You have been dropped behind enemy lines and it’s your goal to allocate your platoons. War stripes, troop names, and war cries will be your primary objective. You are now ready for your secondary objective, Boot Camp basic survival training. Having acquired your survival hand signals, use these to navigate your way through mud filled trenches, construct your very own base and test your strength with a tug of war. The rules of engagement fuel this objective. Finally, your last objective will be to overcome your fears of climbing cargo nets and to test your accuracy on the Paintball, Archery and Blow Gun target shooting range.

The Battlefield

Little Stream Constantia

Little Stream Constantia, the perfect kid's party venue for our jungle recon army themed kids parties! With its quaint 7 acres private property and tea garden surrounded by luscious greenery and natural forest which makes an ideal battlefield for our troops. Venue hire included into ALL packages.(Please contact our operator to check availability BEFORE paying a deposit) Physical Address: 26 Klein Constantia Road, Constantia, Cape Town

Delvera Estate Stellenbosch

A fantastic and beautiful venue overlooking the rolling hills of DelVera Estate. Relax in the restaurant or browse in the shops while your kids enter and enjoy the world of army training. Venue hire included into ALL packages.(Unfortunately, no private catering is allowed on DelVera, please contact our operator for FAQS) 

Activities We Have On Offer

Kids Parties Cape Town

Paintball Target Shooting


Using a paintball gun recruits are required to shoot down as many targets as possible within the allotted time frame. The team with the most amount of targets destroyed wins.

Boot Camp Kids Parties

Archery Target Shooting


Using a compound bow recruits are taught the art of patience and are required to score as many points on the archery field as possible. Bullseye scores you 50 points.

Shelter Building


Recruits are required to build forts from materials provided by your sergeant. Forts need to withstand the weight of your sergeant, fit your whole team and it must be WATERPROOF.

Kids Parties Cape Town

Obstacle Course


Test your fear of heights on the Cargo Net! Maneuver through over and under bars. Leopard crawl through strategically placed nets. Make your way across the monkey bars in true Bootcamp Style and conquer the climbing wall to become victorious. 

Lets Get Muddy


Experience an authentic Boot Camp SA party by getting down and dirty, leopard crawling through mud-filled trenches. Birthday recruits are required to lead by example with the fellow teammates following close behind all the while singing Boot Camp war cries. 

Boot Camp Cake

Boot Camp Cakes ROCK!


After two hours of nonstop action, why not treat your recruits to a tasty Boot Camp battlefield cake made with a choice of Vanilla or Chocolate flavors? All cakes are homemade and come in A4 size each sold separately through our booking site. Go be daring.