• Kids Parties Unfolded

    Kids Parties Unfolded Part 1:

    You have been dropped off behind enemy lines and it’s your target to allocate platoons using war stripes, team names and war cries. Once your platoon has accomplished this, your birthday mission begins. You’re now ready for Boot Camp basic training! Recruits will be briefed on the rules of engagement with survival hand signals, as well as fun energetic “drills” and leopard crawling through mud filled trenches to kick off your day.

    Recruits will test their strength with Tug Of War, overcome their fears by climbing Cargo Nets, prove their survival instincts with Bunker and Stretcher Building and test their accuracy in the field with weapons training using Paintball and Archery target shooting…”

    Above is the scenario our readers were faced with in our most recent BLOG POST a scenario that faces our children in our kids parties every weekend at multiple VENUES around the Western Cape. In our latest blog post we reintroduced our kids parties held here in and around Cape Town offering a glimpse into a world of adventure, wonder and excitement which is Boot Camp Cape Town. However we are more than just a kids party company packed with action, fun and excitement. At Boot Camp Cape Town we are passionate about people and the youth in particular. Our programs are especially designed with the purpose of making a difference in the lives of the children which attend our kids parties through the vehicle of fun and adventure.

    Over the course of the next few weeks we are going to dive head first into our Boot Camp kids party offering, taking a closer look at each of our activities and how these activities not only add to the experience but how they add value making lasting impression in lives of our kids.

    By the end of this blog series you will know the ins and outs of our Boot Camp kids parties held in Cape Town and Stellenbosch alike. Our aim is that you not only get an appreciation of what we offer with every kids party Package but the reason behind our activities and the desired outcomes we aim to achieve.

    At Boot Camp Cape Town we believe in being intentional. With every kids party we see and opportunity to impact the young lives of the future leaders of our nation. Follow us over the next few weeks to get better understanding of our offering as we explain and break down each activity into its working parts. Join us and together we can improve and positively impact the lives of our children.

    Boot Camp Cape Town is the solution to your child’s birthday party.

    Article written by Scott Flowers

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