• Kids Party Unfolded Part 2

    Kids Party Unfolded Part 2

    Kids Parties Unfolded Part 2:

    As the air becomes still and the sound of the sergeant’s bellowing voices becomes but a distant cry in forest, we stand before you as your commanding officers, anticipating a thrilling journey into the day of your Bootcamp Kids Party.
    The allocation of platoons, team names and war cries is the fundamental kick off for your party adventure. A seemingly routine task is the essence of your individual and group identity. With the recruit separation, into their unique platoon squadrons, squad members come into contact with their team for the first time. This team will be their family for the duration of their adventure kids party.

    Squadrons are allocated time to brainstorm and decipher their own unique and iconic team name. We at Boot Camp, value the voice of each of our recruits. This is where our skilled facilitators are given a glimpse into the functioning of the newly established platoon members. Through the cries of an array of suggestions, the teams stumble upon their favoured team brand.

    From the beginning of our kids party program, we facilitate an environment where the recruits are given a space to thrive and let their minds run wild. From the beginning of their journey into the boots of an army sergeant, recruits are given a voice and given a time to become the leader and commander they have been waiting to encounter. We believe that these primary interactions as a squad encourage a space where the recruits are able to build relationships with one another, communicate freely and strategise as a team.

    This portion of our different recruit’s journey is not merely team separation, but it is the single most important aspect of the day. It is a space where kids step into a world of wonder and adventure, where they are able to create a squad name that signifies who they are and what they stand for. This is more than just a name, this is a title that represents all the members of the squad.

    As you stand face to face with your competing squad, hearts beating, minds racing and voices blaring, we hear the sound of your squad names echoing over the tree lines. This is the first step into your Boot Camp kids party adventure.

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    Justin Rowles 

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