• Kids Party Unfolded Part 3

    Kids Party Unfolded Part 3

    What’s that sound? That’s the sound of your beating heart as the adrenalin rushes through your body! You and your squad have been tasked with your next activity…Tug Of War! This activity proves to your team mates that your team is the strongest squad at Bootcamp. It’s your chance to show your parents that you’ve been eating all of your veggies. It’s your chance to show your friends that you are the strongest soldier at your very own Bootcamp kids party!

    You grip the rope, lock your feet into the sand and take a deep breathe. Your eyes fixated on your sergeant awaiting his command. 3, 2, 1 “PULL!” your sergeants shouts…  just like that your strength becomes your ally, and in that moment you realise you could win this…you could be victorious. Your squad pulls hard with all their might using everything they have to pull the opposing team across the line! That’s your moment, that one task will be remembered for the rest of the party and sets you up for a little fun competition in the challenges to follow! With great laughter and a little mud under your boots you high five your squad and embrace the sweet smell of victory! You soldier, are the strongest recruit today, you are the chosen platoon leader, chosen to lead your team to victory!

    With keen eyes you glance over to your sergeant ready to move your squad onto the next challenge…The Cargo Net! This task is designed to challenge you …to help overcome your fear of heights and encourage your friends as they overcome theirs. “ATTENTION!” your sergeant yells and you snap back to reality, eyes glued on what looks like the highest tree you’ve ever climbed…only it’s not a tree it’s a Cargo Net! You’ve waited for this moment, a moment to prove to yourself and to your friends that you can overcome your fears and reach the top. You CAN overcome any obstacle that your Bootcamp kids party throws at you. You grip the net with both hands and with the encouraging voice of your sergeant as well as the supportive cheers of your friends, you make your ascent! What’s that feeling? That’s the feeling of you harnessing your fear of heights, that’s the feeling of you conquering this obstacle! That very feeling becomes electric and in that moment you scream to your friends “I DID IT!” You’re right you have done it! You’ve made it all the way to top of the net! It’s not over yet though, climbing up is only half the fun, you still need to make it down, yet the excitement of how far you have come makes you want to get down to share this experience with your friends! As you near the bottom of the net you look over your shoulder to see a familiar expression in the eyes of your fellow squad members… excitement!

    The thrill of completing this obstacle makes you hungry for more! You look at your sergeant beaming with excitement and the words come out your mouth. “Sgt I’m ready for the next challenge, what’s next!?”  Your Sgt comes down to your level, looks you in the eye, points to the forest and with much enthusiasm and a huge smile on his face, he replies “Fort Building!” “Fort building?” you ask…”Are we actually going to have the opportunity to build our very own fort?”  You realise in that moment that you’ve built many forts before, but nothing quite like the one you and your friends are going to build now. You know deep down inside you’re going to build the best fort we have ever seen at ANY kids party! This is your mission, this is your chance to shine. You grab your team mates, get into a huddle and on the count of three you scream your team name before rushing off into the bush to collect all the materials you need to build your fort. With the guidance of your sergeant, your survival expert… he tells you that your fort is going to need to fit your entire squad into it and that it’s going to have to be water proof! “Water proof? Why Sgt” “because I’m going to put it to the test” he replies!

    Adrenaline fills your body as you realise that you are not only going to build the best looking shelter we’ve ever seen at any kids party, but that your fort is going to be the most waterproof one yet! Team work is vital in this task and working together can accomplish great things! You know this; you’ve known this right from your very first sports match at school. You decide to get your team together for a pep talk and with a “Hooah” screamed in unison your squad moves out with a well thought out plan and just like that it hits you…we’ve done it! Your squad has built it’s very own fort! Your plan worked…everyone fits in and it’s WATERPROOF, at least you think it is! You huddle inside and with confidence you say to your Sgt, “we’re ready Sgt, make it rain!” He grabs his bucket and on the count of the three releases all the water he collected onto your shelter and to your surprise…you remain dry! Your team did it! The screams of excitement fill the forest air and in that moment you realise that task couldn’t have been achieved if it weren’t for your squad members! Your victory is their victory and that old saying ,“there is no I in team” suddenly now makes sense!

    “Sgt, Sgt…we did it!!! What’s next? Please tell me we’re going to shoot down targets at the paintball range…?”

    For more on our next Bootcamp Kids Party Unfolded be sure to follow this thread and check daily for the continuation of this once in a life time experience!

    Article written by:

    Kyle Sanders

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