• Kids Party Unfolded Part 4

    Kids Party Unfolded Part 4

    Attention!! The Kids Party adventure continues! Upon arrival at the shooting range the recruits gather around the weapons table. Laid before them is an assortment of separate parts of a paint ball marker. Under the clear instructions of the lead sergeant, the recruits are taught how to assemble the pieces of the gun as if putting together a puzzle. With the gun correctly assembled, it is time for the safety briefing!

    At Boot Camp Cape Town the safety of our kids is of utmost importance and our primary focus in any task is safety first. The recruits gather round the sergeant and listen keenly to the thorough safety instructions given to them, eagerly anticipating the chance to fire the weapon down the range at the target. The Sergeant continues to explain how to aim the weapon properly by lining up the sights on the gun to do so. He demonstrates this by asking for some assistance from the one of the eager and willing recruits…carefully and in detail he explains how the gun works and the correct and safe hand placement on the weapon… training is now complete! It’s time to start shooting.

    At Boot Camp Cape Town we believe that there is a lesson to be learnt in every challenge presented in our program. The aim (no pun intended) of the target shooting task is to teach the recruits the respect, discipline and planning it takes to fire a weapon correctly, as well as the consequences that their actions can have. By focusing on safety, we teach all recruits at our kids party, respect for others around them and to consider the impact their actions could possibly have both positively and negatively.

    Under the watchful eye of the sergeant the first recruit is called up and excitedly the others wait in anticipation. The recruit stares down the length of the range at the targets ahead. With their sweaty palms and thumping hearts the recruit grips the stock of the gun firmly and securely. The barrel of the weapon is now pointed directly at the target as the recruit takes aim and gently squeezes the trigger. Bang!! The compressed air is released from the canister sending the paintball hurtling toward the target, finding its mark with a splat the paint showing the hit right in the center of the target!! “Target Down!” Yells the sergeant… Mission complete!

    On to the next challenge! Here’s a hint… Robin Hood better look out!!

    Article written by Scott Flowers

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