• Kids Party Unfolded Part 5

    Kids Party Unfolded Part 5

    Attention Boot Camp Recruits. You are nearing the end of your Boot Camp training experience but the fun is not yet over. With the single heartbeat of your squad, you hear the sergeants cry, “Archery Target shooting”. With one final glance at your fellow team members, you realise, this is your final chance to draw together and compete with what remains in your fuel tank. This is Boot Camp and this is your final destination.

    As your sergeant introduces the task, Archery Target Shooting, you look over to your team and you see that same look in their eyes, that look you saw at the beginning of training. You realise, you feel invincible, and nothing can stand between you and your team’s goal. You pull together one last time. As the sergeant takes you through the firing procedure step by step, you all realise you know what needs to happen. “3, 2, 1, Go!” you sergeant cries. And you are off. As the arrows sour through the air, its distant whistle fades as they fly towards the target. With the surrounding sound of arrows bursting through the targets base, your team continue to make it rain. As the challenge wears on, your final recruit steps up to the plate. “This is your final chance to take it home for your squad” your sergeant cries. With a big breath you stand firm, heart beating and bow drawn, you take one last glance at your squad. You can tell that they wouldn’t want anyone out there other than yourself. You close your eyes for a second before you take aim. “Booya!” you cry as the arrow leaves your bow. Mission Accomplished!

    As your heartbeats fade and you draw back to reality, you realise that you and your squad have made it through. You drew together and overcame the challenges that lay before you. What seemed impossible was made possible with your teammates by your side. As you stand side by side with your brother and sister recruits, you accept that there us something different in the air. The atmosphere around you is heavy. You can’t quite place the feeling, but when you look over to your Boot Camp squad it all makes sense. You have all shared in a remarkable experience of challenge, determination and victory. You all have something in common. You all know that you have what it takes.

    As your sergeant rallies you all together you could hear a pin drop. Accompanied by your sergeant is the recruit of honor, the birthday recruit. It is sergeant’s privilege to be able to award this recruit sergeant status. With a heavy heart you thank you sergeant and you thank your squad for the honor of being able to receive such an auspicious award.  The certificate ceremony is our most fundamental element to our program. As the Boot Camp Birthday Song is sung, fellow recruits cry out with approval and victory. “This is Boot Camp, Booya!” Being a sergeant is a means to accomplishing unimaginable heights never thought possible.

    With the closure of this blog series you now have an idea of what it’s like to live a day in the boots of a Boot Camp sergeant and our recruits. We invite you to join our family and be a part of the Boot Camp Party movement. Visit our Boot Camp Cape Town website, or Booking Site and have a look at what we have on offer. You will not be disappointed.
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