Dear Kyle, Scott and Team

This is just an email to say THANK YOU so much for the incredible camp! I have been told it was the “best camp of their lives” and if they had to rate it, it would be an 11/10. I have not stopped hearing stories about all the sergeants and their activities (even though I was there). The activities were so imaginative and original. 

You can be very proud of the quality of your camps. We will definitely be using your company again for our 2018 camp!

Keep well. 

Megan and Bernice

St Georges Grammar 

Boot Camp Leadership Camp:

There is nothing more amazing than stargazing during a pitch black night and listening to the birds as they wake you up to the sunrise. Being in the middle of a large, yet well-kept farm, was something many of the children were not used to, but it set the scene for a powerful and meaningful week in their lives.

 Camp was an incredibly enriching experience for all, the children were able to experience a sense of community and belonging through team building exercises and as a result the friendships they made were invaluable. The camp was not only fun, but also many life lessons were learnt in and through the various planned activities.

The activities were varied, interesting and relevant to the children. I would say some of the highlights were the target shooting, obstacle courses, river swimming and night-time stalk the lantern games.  

The camp facilitators were dynamic, energetic and they bonded incredibly well with the children – many of whom they knew by name within a day.

As a staff we were very impressed with the meals and the level of responsibility the Boot Camp team and facilitators showed throughout the camp. The discipline was good and the rapport the facilitators built with the children was exceptional.

All in all the children had a blast, made memories, kept safe, built friendships and spend their time well.

Thanks again to the facilitators, parents and staff who made it all happen and thank you to all the children for just having fun and making for a great camp.


The Grade 6 Staff of Camps Bay Primary

Dear Scott, Kyle, Dillon, Humphrey and Vega,

Thank you all for the wonderful camp last week. It was a pleasure working with you in the lead up to the camp, and the camp itself was great.

We appreciate the professional way you planned and conducted the camp, and the way you interacted with the children. They enjoyed the program and benefitted from the carefully planned activities.

A big thank you goes to Leah for the delicious food that she cooked. We all really appreciated that.

We have asked the children for their feedback from their perspective regarding the camp. There were some amazing positives with very few negatives.

The only real negative was the ‘pink’ juice which they didn’t enjoy.

On the whole the children were happy, had many stories to tell and absolutely enjoyed themselves. As teachers we were very impressed as to how well the camp was managed and the children supervised. The number and types of activities certainly made for a busy time and introduced children to hopefully life changing experiences.

It is with pleasure that Somerset College would like to confirm their booking for the next Grade 5 camp for 2017. Please advise whether this is possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Margie Joachim, Karen Roberg and Wayne Bosch.
Somerset College 

Hi Kyle

I hope you had a restful weekend! Thank you so much to you and your sergeants for such an amazing camp last week. The grade 5s are still on a high and the ones who were anxious about being away for the first time have come back with so much self-confidence. The structured days and the team leaders’ rapport with the kids made for such a fun and easy camp. We also loved the reflective questioning at the end of the activities, this made their experiences very authentic.

We would love to join you again next year, could we book for Wed 15 – Fri 17 Feb 2017?

Have a good week!

Kind regards


Grove Primary School


Dear Kyle

We had an awesome time and I was very grateful for the programme you set up for the girls, and for the organisation of the food and facilities. Your instructors were great – helpful and friendly, maintaining just the right atmosphere. In fact, the girls thought you could have been tougher on them! I know that I felt a lot more relaxed this year because I knew what to expect, but you also made it easy on us by doing everything, so thanks for this! I would definitely like to come again next year!

Best wishes,

Nicky Karstens

Herschel Girls Grade 9 teacher

Dear Boot Camp

This email is just to say a big thanks for the lovely camp we had with you guys. It was really superb!

I found your whole approach and handling of everything relating to the camp to be very well organised and professional. Our children really enjoyed the activities they did, and the staff felt they were treated very well. Your accommodation and amenities were also excellent.

Again,thank you, and we will certainly be using your services again.

Kind regards


Riverside College


Altia Wilcox Riverside College Camp! You guys literally gave me the best last School Camp ever! Thanks Sargent Rusty, Sargent Snakebite and Seargent Tiny (I think that’s what they called him).

Francesca Jayne Pretorius Riverside College Camp! Best 3 days of my life !! Was spent with amazing people who brought the group of us ao much closer and taught us how to trust each other and how to communicate with each other !!♥ thanks to sergeant’s Rusty,Snakebite and sergeant blade !♥ you guys were really and truly AMAZING ♥♥

Thanks for a great camp!! To Kyle all other sergeants and the catering team, thank you for looking after our children so well. You were awesome!! See you next year!

Francel Dunlop

Chester House Primary Grade 3 teacher


Hi Kyle

Once again thanks for the wonderful leadership development program you guys gave us. The venue- simply loved it ,to be out in the country was beautiful!

Kind Regards

Darul Islam Primary School


Good Morning Kyle

I’ve received feedback from the school – the students apparently could not stop talking about their adventure and wished me to convey to you and your team a VERY BIG THANK YOU.   We remain committed to grow our Blue Sky Socio Economic investment and we are very grateful to everyone involved helping to make our projects a success.

Kind regards

Joe Anne