• School Holiday Camps Part I

    School Holiday Camps Part I

    Can you believe it’s finally Spring!? Can you believe that your child is gearing up for their last term of school for 2015? Here at the HQ, our team feels that Spring is one of the happiest time of the year!  Together with this motion and the love for the outdoors, we decided to host Spring Camp during the October school holidays.

    At Boot Camp Cape Town our love for working with children in the outdoors reaches out far beyond our South African boarders as we welcome campers from all over the world. This time of the year for us is always a special one as parents from far and wide call us up looking for the next best thing to give their child during the upcoming school holidays. Parents today understand the true value of allowing their children to interact with kids the same age in a positive outdoor environment where they’re encouraged to step away from technology and experience life through the eyes of a younger you.

    We all know that technology plays a massive role in our lives and without it, we’d be lost. We also know that true happiness in a child’s eyes can be found on a volley ball court or at the end of tugging fishing line. Why not combine both? Over the years we’ve brought in various aspects into our camping programs to ensure that children of all ages can relate to the program and more so, grow and learn from it applying lessons learnt on camp into their everyday lives. We feel that by bringing in things like a “movie night reward” campers remain challenged and encouraged to learn, grow and succeed.

    On each of our school holiday camps, campers will engage with one another, building relationships, developing leadership skills, growing in self-esteem and empowering them to walk away from our camp with a sense of victory and growth. Our goal is for children to gain a better understanding of themselves and their peers in a healthy outdoor environment where nature meets technology learning the true value of Team Work, Communication, Motivation and above all Leadership Development. Our mission with our school holiday camps is to allow children to come into their own, meet new friends, overcome challenges and take away with them a sense of achievement!

    Our school holiday camps are constantly growing in popularity and we’d hate for your child to miss out on enrolling into our upcoming Spring Camp confirmed from the 5th-8th October 2015. Parents please feel free to e mail us on capetown@bootcamp-sa.co.za for further info, enrollment forms, past parent feedback, camp itinerary’s and more!

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