Hi Kyle & Team

I know that is almost a month since my son Liam Paulse has been on the boot camp, but I thought that it would only be proper of me to thank you and your team, as the camping experienced made a great positive impression on my son. Initially, I must admit that I was a bit sceptical, as it was the first time I heard about the service you were offering for the young ones, but what an excellent way for young kids to meet with others and learn some independence from mom and dad – just awesome. Liam has such wonderful memories of his time on camp and is treasuring his little fishing line on a stick and even his paper target that he missed with every shot. Liam’s confidence and independence levels has definitely increased a notch or two – which is so fabulous as I can see the growth. In closing, I would once again like to thank you and team for the great job you guys are doing and encourage you to continue to do so. I will differently be letting everyone know that has young kids about the programs that you offer. Please do keep me on you mailing list.

I wish you and team a fabulous and prosperous end to your year. 

Kind Regards

Shane Paulse

Dear Kyle

Thank you so much!! They thoroughly enjoyed it, and actually wanted to stay the full five days!! We will definitely be looking at the summer camp also.
Looking forward to the CD!!
Kind regards,

Hi Kyle
The kids loved it and that’s the most important – Luke of course couldn’t wait for his pocket money to buy a flint …

Hi Kyle

Thanks for the camp, Max had lots of stories to tell. And I spent my week end doing laundry…
He will be there for the December camp, that’s for sure. Can you get the dates early, so that we can plan the rest of the long summer holiday?

Hi Kyle

A huge thank you to you and everyone there who made this camp so succesfull! Lowe had an absolute ball and came home so much more grown up. Thank you for taking care of him so well! He definitely wants to go again. Looking forward to the DVD!

Regards Maryke

Dear Kyle

I would just like to let you know that my son Alek cannot stop talking about the most awesome time he had at the bootcamp. He so much enjoyed all the activities and made so many new friends. He will most definitely be back. Please keep me updated on any future planned holiday camps.
Thanks once again for your hospitality.
Kind regards
Jianni du Plessis