• Schools Out School Holiday Camp Is A Go

    Schools Out School Holiday Camp Is A Go

    Schools Out, Holiday Camp Is A Go

    It’s official, school is out and so the search begins! What is my child going to do for the June/July school holidays? We’re happy to let you know that we have the solution to help combat school holiday boredom!

    As a parent, school holidays can be daunting! What is my child going to get up to? Do we need to look at hiring an Au Pair? Is my child going to be fixated on technology to pass the time?

    Enter Winter Camp 2019! Probably the most anticipated Boot Camp event of the year…second to Summer Camp 2019 of course! Winter Camp is the perfect solution to ensure children are kept engaged in a fun, social, energized and safe environment.

    Our school holiday camp program allows campers to build relationships, develop leadership skills, build their self-esteem and be empowered, walking away from camp with a sense of victory and growth. Whether it’s learning about survival skills, enjoying a nature hike through the farm, fishing on the banks of the river or enjoying a game of beach volleyball there’s an activity to suit every camper attending, even the most smartphone loving youngster!

    Where Camp Is Held

    Our annual Winter School Holiday Camp is held and hosted at Buffalo Drift River Lodge, a private lodge based on the banks of the Berg River. Buffalo Drift is far more than just a lodge, its an experience!

    The fun and excitement usually start on the bus well before we even get to the lodge, so much so that when we arrive on the farm our campers exit the bus already having made new friends. To say that the excitement never ends is an understatement!

    Boot Camp brings children together from various walks of life to share unique adventure-based experiences. Through the holiday camp programs we have developed and the manner in which we deliver them, we encourage all campers to step out of their shell, make new friends and build life long friendships.

    Fact is, no camp could ever be truly great with an average team of camp counsellors. That’s why we select only the best. Our counsellors are chosen for their endless source of energy, enthusiasm, first aid qualifications and experience. Each counsellor brings a unique element to camp and each is tasked with bringing a new, fun and adventurous activity that can be enjoyed by all campers attending!

    From Our Camp Gallery

    Enroll My Child

    To find out more about Winter Camp 2019 check out our school holiday camp page. Places are limited so if you would like to book your child into camp then pop us an email by visiting our contact page. 

    The best friends and memories are made camping, so why not enrol into Winter Camp 2019! Join our family and book your child in for a two night, three-day school holiday camp at Buffalo Drift.

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