• Summer Holiday Camp

    Summer Holiday Camp

    Welcome to our annual Summer Holiday Camps! 

    We here at the HQ are working around the clock to ensure that this year’s Summer Holiday Camp is like non other! Our camps have over the years grown in popularity, entertainment and adventure for campers and counselors alike. We’ve dedicated ourselves to provide our campers with a once in a life time camping experience. Every activity, every meal, every game (both indoor and outdoor) have been well designed and deployed with absolute precision to ensure the best possible time is had by all who attend.

    This year’s Summer Holiday Camp as mentioned will be held and hosted at the Soetwater Enviro Centre based in Kommetjie. Soetwater boasts many natural beauties and wonders in which we’re going to incorporate into our program. With us having access to the beach and tidal pool we intend to bring an educational background into our program teaching our campers all about the aquatic life found at Soetwater as well enjoying a nature walk down to the Slangkop Point Lighthouse. We’ve even decided to bring in an incredible Snake and Reptile Show on the third night of camp in which campers will be taught all about the various snakes and reptiles found in South Africa.

    The activities sound great Boot Camp but will my little one be well fed? Why thank you for asking! 🙂 All of our campers will be treated to delicious home cooked meals each made with every campers dietary requirement in mind. We ensure that we have enough fresh fruit readily available for our campers to snack on during the course of the day as well as a plentiful supply of vegetables to ensure a healthy well balanced diet. Of course NO camp is complete without a night time Bon Fire and *S‘more making contest, camp songs and night time plays. Teams will have the chance to dress up and unlock their creative energy to compete against one another for the best play on camp!

    What activities will my child take part in whilst on camp? This is the best part…are you ready? All campers will be taking part in the following exciting activities! Full scale Obstacle Course, Loteria Mind Course, Indoor games (to include Singstar on Playstation) Beach games, Lawn Games, Water Balloon Volley Ball, Paintball and Archery Target Shooting, Raft Building, Ultimate Survivor Master Chef, Poytjie Kos Competition, Nature Hikes, Stalk The Lantern (Played at night), Snake and Reptile Show, Mind and Mental Tasks, GPS Orienteering and Much Much more. *for more info and and insight into our program on camp, please feel free to visit this link —-> Camp Photos 

    How do we make contact and check in with our little one whilst on camp Boot Camp? We have a strict cellphone policy on camp in which each and every camper is encouraged to phone home every night between 7-8pm and share their day’s experience with their family and loved ones. All counselors will have their phone’s with them readily available and all numbers will be sent out to parents 7 working days prior to us leaving for camp.

    Ok we’re sold…now please tell us how we go about booking our child in? That’s the easiest part! Simply e mail capetown@bootcamp-sa.co.za with a camp inquiry and we’ll send you ALL finer camp details to include pricing, times of pick up and drop off with our shuttle service, camp itinerary, a what to bring on camp form, past parent feedback and of course the enrollment form. All we’d need back from you is a completed enrollment form scanned and sent back to us in order to book your child in with us.

    Summer Holidays are around the corner and we cannot wait for yet another sold out camp! Be sure to e mail us today to avoid disappointment or contact us directly on 082 455 6723 to chat to us for further info.

  • Posted by Vanessa Berlein on November 23, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    HI, I would like to book for 3 boys, aged 11,12 and 12. I will have definite
    confirmation from the other mums tomorrow and can then do a payment. Does the discount still apply? all the best

    • Posted by Boot Camp S.A on December 7, 2015 at 1:28 pm
      in reply to Vanessa Berlein

      Hi Vanessa

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      We’ve just sent through all camp details pertaining for our upcoming Summer Camp from the 12th-15th December 2015.

      Please feel free to give us a call on 082 455 6723 should you require any further information.

      Kind regards

      Boot Camp SA


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