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    Before we get into this article which will leave you, the reader with a clearer understanding of our team building interventions, we would just like to welcome our new readers to Boot Camp Cape Town.


    So often we get asked “What set’s you’re team building missions apart from everyone else’s” “Whatsup with the military theme?”  “How do you go about catering for individuals who aren’t as physically fit as the rest of the team?” These questions cannot be asked enough in our line of work and we thoroughly enjoy answering them. Our team building interventions have been designed through a course of 13 years and through experience we’ve picked up a few aspects that we bring to the table when conducting them. These aspects are brought to light in every activity we conduct during our team builds. We as a company are such strong believers in team work and clear concise communication in the work force that we’ve designed activities that focus on these key factors whilst bringing in real life scenarios and simulations


    It’s just as important to have fun with your colleagues during your team builds as it is to overcome each and every challenge thrown at them.  In every great company, there are great leaders and an even greater work force. These companies like many others like them, focus on Motivation, Communication, Trust, Leadership and above all Team Work on a day to day basis. It’s for this very reason why we chose to incorporate the following activities into our programs:


    We start of off each and every team build with morale upliftment and necessary ice breaker activities to break down the clicks and hierarchy’s formed in any business. We do this by dividing our teams up, handing them camouflaged face paint and instruct each team to come up with a team name and a war cry! Why “The War Cry” you ask? The objective of this is to bring team’s closer together right from the “get go” and form a bond from their creativeness using song and dance at their own discretion. These war cry’s can at times be extremely intimidating, and at times extremely amusing. We’ve seen them all!


    • Boot Camp S.A drills, war cries, team names & division: The idea and purpose of this as an introduction into the team build is to create and build up a high team morale and energise team mates for the team build ahead. It’s also a great form of an ice breaker.
    • Ice breakers: Ultimate Frisbee, this brings everyone to an equal part before we get going with the team build. It breaks down any barriers that have been built in the work force and allows us to bring the team together as one. This focuses mainly on communication, leadership and motivation.
    • Amazing Race: This is a real life training simulation where members have survived a plane crash in Northern Canada and face temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius.  Members are given area maps of the venue and are told to go out and collect cards/items using navigational skills and list them from 1-12 of importance of survival. Team members then need to get together and agree as individuals and in a group on the outcome of the order of the items and why. This is great for communication, motivation, team work and trust
    • Landmine Disarming:Team mates are put in a circumstance where communication and trust are two of the biggest factors that need to be brought to the table in order to complete this task. Having one team mate blind folded walking in a ”mine” field using only directions and instructions giving to him by his colleagues makes this challenge pivotal in the team building process.
    • Mental Challenges: Our team mates are now faced with thinking outside the box and looking at problems from different angles rather than allowing the team leader in the group to take over the task of problem solving. As the puzzles get harder the forward thinker in the group is pulled out and told to be quiet to observe the quieter maybe less outgoing persons in the group to solve the problems on their own with the guidance of their team mates.
    • Paintball Target shooting:This is a fun task geared toward building the morale up in the group again. This task is aimed at encouragement and group interaction. Members are forced to encourage continuously during this task. Highest scoring teams are normally awarded with spot prizes.
    • Obstacle Course:This task is about member interaction, trust, communication, motivation and above all Team Work. Members are sometimes faced with difficult obstacles and rely on the help and encouragement of fellow colleagues to overcome said obstacles. Many hands make light work and anything is possible with the right support structure.
    • Shelter Building: Various members are blind folded during this task and are forced to listen to the precise instructions of their colleagues to erect a shelter that the entire team will fit into, one sturdy enough to support a weight of a man and one strong enough to support heavy winds. This is all about group involvement, interaction, communication, trust and motivation. All members take part in this activity.
    • Stretcher Building:Team mates are again faced with a survival scenario and need to think on their feet & FAST! The CEO is injured and needs to be carried by his team to safety without sustaining further injury. Members need to construct a stretcher using materials provided. Often teams are faced with muddy and sometimes water logged area’s to cross, so motivation and clear precise communication is key to the completion and success of this task.
    • Survival Challenges:Team Mates are handed 1x flint an empty bottle of water, 1x pot and cotton wool. Members are then given dirty water that they need to filter and bring to the boil using items given to them in order for the water to be consumed safely. Hydration is key when faced with survival and so team mates are taught how to go about this task and are reliant on the precise communication of their colleagues. There is a time limit to this so time keeping skills must be practised.
    • Volley Ball:This can be in the form of water volley ball or beach volley ball. This ends off the team build on a high note allowing members to interact again freely and work together in a fun environment.
    • Closing off ceremony:A certificate of survival is awarded to the team as a whole. Facilitators break down teams that were awarded certain prizes and explain why they were awarded them. A group debriefing session is had with the teams followed by war cry’s to allow members to leave feeling inspired, motivated and with a high morale in the team felt by all.


    Each activity is followed by a debrief to allow members to openly talk about issues they found achieving the obstacle and are asked to speak freely about how they would like to do the next challenge differently in order to stream line the completion process.


    We hope this article has given you a little more insight into what we offer our corporate clientele on a daily basis. These team builds are not only extremely FUN, they are safe and can be completed by anyone, any shape size and fitness level! To book your company a team build, or to book your friends and/or family a fun day of activities drop us an e mail here (capetown@bootcamp-sa.co.za) and enter the world of Boot Camp!


  • Posted by Lizo N. Fikeni on May 8, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    Hello Boot Campers

    We are a Primary School in Langa, and would love to hold our closing function of the year in your place. Do you also have an accommodation for 70 people (males & females)? Any space for a formal occasion? Catering? And all that you can offer, with equivalent charges please.

    • Posted by Boot Camp S.A on May 21, 2014 at 7:32 am
      in reply to Lizo N. Fikeni

      Good day Lizo!

      Thank you for showing interest in Boot Camp S.A and the team building packages we have on offer for you.

      We most certainly do have accommodation for you. We will handle all of your catering needs as well as arrange for transport if need be.

      We have responded to your request via e mail.

      We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.

      Boot Camp S.A

  • Posted by adventureworks on August 23, 2014 at 5:22 am

    That is really interesting information. We provide best service to our customers in all south Africa Please do visit at our website or contact us any time, we would love to help you.

  • Posted by adventureworks on August 23, 2014 at 5:22 am

    That is really interesting information. We provide best service to our customers in all south Africa Please do visit at our website or contact us any time, we would love to help you.

    • Posted by Boot Camp S.A on August 25, 2014 at 12:29 pm
      in reply to adventureworks

      Hi Adventure Works,

      Thanks for the read and for your feedback. We would be happy to work alongside you to offer the corporate sector the very best team building S.A has to offer.

      We’ll be in touch.


  • Posted by Gasan on March 19, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    Hi I am apart of an FHS academy it is a touch rugby club. We are currently on the hunt for the perfect boot camp/ team building. We are very interested in this package. could you please email me the pricing list for this package? thank you kind regards Gasan

  • Posted by Kim on August 21, 2015 at 8:13 pm

    Hi, my sister is getting married and i would love to have a group of 10 or 20 females doing something really fun, like obstacle course, etc. It would most probably be the end of November 2015. Not everyone is that fit but would love to have everyone partake in the events. Could you possibly give me a quote on costing and what it would all include. Regards Kim

    • Posted by Boot Camp S.A on August 26, 2015 at 8:42 am
      in reply to Kim

      Hi Kim,

      Thanks for your mail.

      We’ll send you a full proposal within the hour.

      Have a great day.

      Boot Camp SA


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