• Buffalo Drift – Base Camp

Ever wanted to know the benefits of taking your team away for a weekend?

Businesses are formed to meet the demands of the market. A brand that is trusted creates loyalty between an organization and its’ clients. Your team is a living, breathing representation of your organization. Your team is your business and investing in their wellbeing is a pivotal pillar to the success and longevity of your business. There is no one secret formula to creating a successful business, although the success of your business is directly linked to the well-being of your staff. Take care of your employees and they will make your business their business. Building a successful team isn’t something that just happens.  Growth starts when leaders act. Inspire your team by sharing your vision, give them a mission and help them to set achievable goals. Your team will become unified through a clearly defined purpose and a common goal. Goals cannot be achieved without action, start now and take the first step toward success.


Let us re-energize your team:


Our Goal: 


To lead your teams towards becoming a highly effective and efficient functional team.  We plan to meet this objective by creatively improving communication, trust and leadership whilst continuously motivating your teams through a variety of scenarios and challenges. Our aim is to leave your team members with a greater sense of trust, self-belief and the confidence needed to cope with the demands and stresses of the modern working environments.


Our Offering: 


We offer two night, three-day team building getaway camps held at our flagship venue Buffalo Drift based on the banks of the Berg River. We handle all of our clients need right from the accommodation to the catering, the transport, the program and even the entertainment for the duration of your stay with us. Our product offering is a premium service in which we aim to deliver with absolute precision and professionalism. Our customized programs develop an increased level of work-based and personal performance, with our focus being to instill a sense of commitment and belief in your team and their ability to overcome challenges.


Our lodge can accommodate up to 120 guests in a dorm set up with four private rooms being available to book for your companies executives. Our clients will also have access to book out four private luxury tents situated a mere 5-minute walk from the lodge to enjoy some peace and tranquility.


Our Program: 


Select from the list below our key add-on features you envision bringing into your team building camp. We will then get to work on your custom built proposal and send it through for your perusal.

  1. Goal Setting Workshops

  2. Change Management Workshops

  3. Motivational Talks & Presentations

  4. Business Consultation

  5. Business Coaching Talks

  6. Strategy Workshops

  7. Conferencing 

In order to book your team building camp, e-mail us directly on capetown@bootcamp-sa.co.za.


“I truly believe that if you take care of your employees they will take care of your business. Learn to look after your staff first and the rest will follow” Sir Richard Branson

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