• What makes a great kids birthday party?

    What makes a great kids birthday party?

    Children's Parties - Boot Camp

    Children’s Birthday Parties 

    Adventurous, fun and hassle free kids parties organized for you? Parents – Are you wanting to organize a fun and exciting party for your kids but on second thought, think about all the admin that goes into organizing it? Birthdays are very special days and kids need to be celebrated and reminded that every year is another blessing.

    Why Boot Camp?

    Think about it… a hassle free party, fun and excitement for the kids, activities organized… Why wouldn’t this be a great option? At Boot Camp Cape Town we offer outdoor adventure kids parties at a variety of different venues, including setting up a Mobile Party at a venue of your choice.

    Boot Camp Kids Parties (3)
    Boot Camp Kids Parties

    Activities On Offer?

    We organize activities in true Boot Camp style – team tasks such as Team Names, War Cries, Stretcher building, Sack Relay Races, Tug Of War, Leopard Crawling Through MUD, Shelter Building, Paintball Gun, Daisy Gun, Blow Dart Gun & Archery target shooting. We even offer a full scale Obstacle Course at select venue’s!  Our Boot Camp kids parties are a heap of fun for all ages from 6 upwards, boys and girls alike.


    See those sergeants giving it their all even though they’re out numbered 4 to 1? Our sergeants and the calibre of facilitators they are is what makes Boot Camp Cape Town the industry leaders in children’s birthday parties and leadership development school camps.  Our team is our strongest asset and as such they deliver an exceptional service and experience EVERY TIME, no matter the event, no matter the size of the group, no matter the weather! A team is only as strong as its weakest link and in ours we see no weak links! 

    Kids Parties - Boot Camp
    Leadership Day Camp


    Is to deliver a children’s birthday experience of a lifetime! Each party is carefully planned and the strengths of each sergeant is paired to the group we work with. NO party is ever the same and that’s a wonderful thing! We custom build our party program to meet your requirements! Sounds cheesy doesn’t it? But it’s true and the reason we do that is because we care about the experience we deliver. We were all once children and we know the importance of hosting the “coolest party in school” and that’s why year after year children come back for more! The great news parents, is that we work with children every day of our lives, be it on camp or at school. We understand how they think, how they work and what they’re looking for in a birthday party experience. Rest assured, you’re in great hands! Our job is to ensure your child has the best birthday party of his or her life! 

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