• Obstacle Course Team Building 101

    Obstacle Course Team Building 101

    Why Your Company Should Do A Boot Camp Team Build

    Choosing a team building experience for you and your colleagues is daunting! There are so many variables to think about. Will they enjoy it? Will they take part in the activity? What will they learn at the end of the day?

    We see so many team building idea’s being thrown around social media with companies making big promises to bring about transformation within your team. Truth be told…true transformation is hard to instill with a half day experience. The good news is that the invaluable tools taught and applied within the half-day session are easy enough to be put into practice in the office and concise enough to actually mean something to you and your team.

    Introducing the BOOT CAMP BEAST

    Is your team strong enough, brave enough or good enough to be crowned the Boot Camp Beast 2017 champion? The time is now to make your mark…are you up for the challenge? 

    Team Building Cape Town - Boot Camp

    What is the Boot Camp Beast?

    It is a half day team building experience designed to get your team out of their comfort zone and into a world where you begin to share a single heartbeat.  The Beast is the ultimate team building challenge where mud, water, forests and obstacles courses collide.

    Why the Beast?

    Obstacle Course Racing has become the fastest growing sport in the world and for good reason! Team Work, Motivation, Encouragement, Trust, Fun & Laughter is the ingredient any GREAT team building experience should be comprised of. The Beast has been designed to meet these criteria and then some!

    Where is the Beast held?

    In order for the Beast to be successful we hand-picked two venue’s across Cape Town which offered fantastic facilities which range from a rustic experience in Kommetjie to a modern, clubhouse overlooking the tranquility of a dam surrounded by mountains and forests in Somerset West. Our venues include the Soetwater Enviro Centre based in Kommetjie and Somerset Lakes, Somerset West.

    Don’t limit your challenges …Challenge your limits!

    We have recently developed an obstacle course with a mix of IMPI CHALLENGE meets NINJA WARRIOR. Our course is fast-paced, fun, action-packed, exciting, scary and is designed to be a challenge for the whole team. This course is not a matter of endurance so don’t bother training for this one. You will either have it or you won’t, mommy and daddy aren’t here to save you so don’t bother calling for them! 

    Team Building Cape Town

    How Does The Beast Work?

    The Boot Camp Beast is a four-hour team building experience designed to meet all fitness levels. The aim of the Beast is to build your team up in the most exciting, adrenaline-filled outdoor experience! Teams will go head to head overcoming Obstacle Courses, Fitness Drills and testing their accuracy on the Paintball & Archery Target shooting range.

    How Many Obstacles Are We Talking About Here?

    • The Beast – Kommetjie offers 15 Obstacles running the length of a dune overlooking the ocean, lighthouse and mountain pass.
    • The Beast – Somerset West offers 20 Obstacles based perfectly in the middle of a Pine Forest on a private housing estate with the Hottentots Holland Mountain Range as its backdrop.

    The Beast Benefits?

    It promotes an active healthy lifestyle where teams come together to share experiences, laughter, fun and enjoyment.  Be Brave, Boldly Go and step into the world of the unknown. Our obstacle course is the ultimate challenge of physicality, teamwork, problem-solving and endurance. We feel the time has come to put those lessons into practice and your team to the test.

    The question remains…"does your team have what it takes to conquer the Boot Camp BEAST?"

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